Urban Planning Documents – Analysis of the Thermal Casing (ex Law 10)

In compliance with the relevant laws regarding the heat loss in buildings, we make in-depth analysis of the heat loss, as requested by the recent national and regional Standards on the control of energy consumption. 3D modeling of the buildings is carried out, analyzing all factors regarding the casing:

  • Opaque structures, vertical or horizontal
  • Thermal comfort calculations
  • Analysis of the thermal bridges
  • Components hosting windows
  • Shading analysis
  • Roof solar reflectance
  • Solar greenhouses
  • Verifications requested by the law “Decreto Rinnovabili” (D. Lvo 28/2011)
  • Differentiation of the minimum requirements for new and existing buildings

    We have a pluriannual experience in Energy Diagnosis, Energy Efficiency and Energy Certification.


    We also deal with bioclimatic architecture (that is, we design systems that guarantee microclimatic comfort through the use of natural and local resources as water, sun, soil etc.), with the aim to design buildings with energy class A+ (that is, buildings with near-zero energy consumption– NZEB).

    We carry out:

    • Documentation POR FSER on Regional/European financing for requalification of public and industrial buildings.
    • Documentation ENEA on Ecobonus for the restoration of existing buildings
    • Documentation GSE for the “Conto Termico” incentives